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Tiberghien has a great deal to offer

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Tiberghien offers you the chance to develop and improve yourself in your profession in a stable and professional environment where you are part of a young dynamic team.

A personal welcome

There is a comprehensive induction programme for new colleagues at Tiberghien and a separate starters’ week for school leavers.

It means we always make sure that you quickly find your way around the office and integrate with the team smoothly.

A mentor who accompanies your career

Even after the first few days, it is important that you receive proper guidance. That’s why every new employee is assigned a mentor. Your mentor will be able to answer all your questions, is responsible for your training and closely follows the evolution of your career.

In addition, our HR department is there to help you in making sure that the collaboration runs smoothly and you feel at home in the office.

An excellent training

Tiberghien is known for the high-quality, intensive and continuous training it provides its employees. As colleagues who have gone before you can confirm, you would be hard pressed to find a better school.

We have our own congress, tax academy, weekly practice groups and literature meetings, supported on a daily basis by an expertise team. So obviously training is given plenty of attention. If you consider that we also encourage attending external seminars and courses and organise in-house customised language and skills courses, you'll quickly understand what we mean when we say we are committed to personal development.

In any case, you may even learn more from the interesting cases we deal with every day, the client contacts we encourage from day one and the talented colleagues who are always ready to help each other.

Twice a year, we appraise your work and look at areas where you would like to advance to further your skills in. This is to make sure that you can continue to advance in your career and prevents working in a smaller organisation from becoming a boring routine.

A career designed for you

At Tiberghien, everyone can be themselves and everyone is different. Some like to work 24/7, while others seek a healthy balance between work and private life. With us, your career and how you develop it depends completely on you.

We will take your aspirations, talents and capabilities in account and work with you to find a viable balance. Our focus is on the long term and we discover day in day out that all that is required for long-term collaboration to become a reality is the right dose of flexibility.




Click here for an overview of the jobdays in which Tiberghien will participate.


If you need any help from Tiberghien for your thesis, simply get in touch with our HR department.
If the subject is relevant with our work, we’ll be only too glad to make some time free to help you.

(Summer) advocacy apprenticeships during your studies

Do you have a Master’s degree in Law and you almost completed your additional studies in Taxation law and/or Notary law, but you want to test your theoretical knowledge in practice so that your chances of landing a plum job are even higher?

Then summer apprenticeships offer the ideal opportunity.
Every summer, we carefully select 2 x 2 candidates from the many applications, who are deployed respectively during the month of July and August at the office (in Brussels and Antwerp).

On the other hand, if your timetable allows you to go work as an apprentice one or two days a week during a semester, we’d be glad to see if we have a place available for you.

During the apprenticeship, you will have the opportunity to work with the various departments, on both internal projects and client files. This will be a real learning period, where you will also receive useful feedback from us.

After a (summer) apprenticeship, would you like to apply for a bar apprenticeship after your studies? If the feedback on your work is positive, we will prioritise your candidacy when filling any vacancies.

Apply for a bar apprenticeship during studies

Do you have a Master’s degree in Law and you almost completed your additional studies in Taxation law and/or Notary law? Do you want to apply already for a bar apprenticeship after graduation?

Then come to one of the job fairs organised by universities and visit our booth to get acquainted and see if Tiberghien is the right place for you.

You can give us your CV and cover letter with any extra explanations on the spot or email it to

Every year, applications arrive earlier and earlier. To give everyone a fair chance, we do not start screening any CVs and cover letters we receive until after the job fairs.

The selected candidates are then invited to a recruitment event during December and are informed before the end of the year if they will be eligible for an apprenticeship from September.

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