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Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Tiberghien World Tour: Asia-Pacific (web event)

Speaker: Koen Morbée, Andy Neuteleers, Stijn Vastmans, Jurgen Gevers
17 June 2021 | 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. | HOPIN platform

Are you as a Belgian corporate or entrepreneur on a quest to conquer the world? Register for one or more web events and find out all about the most recent evolutions in corporate tax rules and practices around the globe. 

Rooted in Belgian soil and globally connected through our WTS Global network membership, Tiberghien supports Belgian companies venturing on the international stage. In this series of 4 free interactive web events, local experts of WTS Global will give you first-hand insights in the latest tax developments that are relevant for Belgian companies who are already active or consider starting up activities in their jurisdiction(s). Tiberghien will moderate the discussions and workshops to ensure you get answers to your questions.

Our second stop will be Asia-Pacific:

  • Panel discussion and Q&A with Eugene Lim, regional lead of WTS Global ASPAC, and local experts from a.o. China and India
  • Interactive workshops on specific topics such as
    RCEP, the world’s largest Free Trade Area

More information & registration:

In collaboration with WTS Global.